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To Secretary General of the UN:
« skrivet: 09 augusti 2004, 21:21:59 PM »
Bo Nessling

 Skrivet: Lördagen den 07 Aug 2004 Kl. 18:26    Rubrik: To Secretary General of the UN:  

This is about the whereabouts of the UN body. There is a growing and more evident discrepansy between the world as such, members of the UN, and the USA going its own way in opposition to UN-states. The Americans do not pay their UN bills.
-They deride European countries wanting to live in peace, they flaunt decisions taken by the Security Council waging wars on other countries with no grounds. They support the terror going on in the Middle East by Ariel Sharon and others. They even support by paying for it and lending equipment. They bomb and kill people all over the world with a kind of Hollywood lie showing the G.I. man as the only who can be trusted, showing what they go for in WW2, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, the Balkan countries, Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc.
- They occupy countries e.g. Greenland against the will of the population like they did when first coming to the American continent. They know this since they do not want to acknowledge the International Court of Justice agains war offenses and crimes.
- They do not acknowledge the principles of the Geneva Conventions. They kidnap people to the Guantanamo torture camp and about twenty other secret torture camps to make it difficult or impossible for the International Red Cross to find and help. American secret agents have also kidnapped and mistreated Egyptian asylum applicants on Swedish soil to Egypt to be imprisoned and tortured.
- The American official body CIA has for many years made itself known for actively taking parts even to teach effective torture methods to military academies and murders in South America and Asia.
- The country has an imperfect election system allowing the loser to become the president of the USA.
- Since it must be impossible to both require bills to be paid and pay the rent for the housing I think it would be better if the UN is moved to e.g. Europe.