Författare Ämne: Tänk om Sverige kunde vara som USA  (läst 2128 gånger)


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Tänk om Sverige kunde vara som USA
« skrivet: 20 juli 2008, 21:21:28 PM »
Man kan då få ut saftiga skadestånd i USA när myndigheterna gör fel. Se t.ex. dessa fall:


"Because of this, the children were placed in the Orangewood Children's Home. The children were kept there for a month, then transferred to a foster home for two months. Eventually they were placed in their father's custody, and the mother had to endure the humiliation of supervised visits."

"In the lawsuit the mother alleged the caseworkers intentionally misled the court, fabricated evidence against her, and hid exculpatory evidence. She also alleged that caseworkers withheld information from the judge regarding the emotional distress of the children, who wanted to be with their mother. Also alleged was that a supervisor in the agency refused Kinship Care rights to relatives without good cause, forcing the children to stay longer in foster care."

"Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick was awarded 4.9 million dollars. The jury also awarded her an additional $5,900 in punitive damages. The large settlement was intended to 'send a message' to Child Protective Services bureaucrats."

"In a press release after the settlement the attorney gave this list of illegal practices of the caseworkers involved:

... detention of children without a finding of imminent danger or serious physical injury;

... interviewing children without a parent present;

... continuing detention after learning there was no basis to do so;

... using trickery and fabricated evidence;

... failing to adequately train employees regarding the Constitutional rights of parents."



"SACRAMENTO - San Joaquin County could pay a Lodi family $312,500 to settle a lawsuit against a county social worker who briefly removed two children from their home seven years ago, according to a tentative settlement agreement filed Dec. 22 in U.S. District Court in Sacramento."

"The children were in foster care for about two weeks before returning home, according to court papers."

Två miljoner kronor för att barnen omhändertogs i två veckor utan grund, det är då skillnad mot Sverige. Sök på "cps lawsuit" för att hitta fler dylika fall.


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Tänk om Sverige kunde vara som USA
« Svar #1 skrivet: 21 juli 2008, 09:47:48 AM »
I vissa sammanhang är Sverige en outvecklad ankdamm.
Men, det har väl att göra med att ingen ska ha mer pengar än någon annan. Alla inkomster ska vara lika, annars uppstår den svenska avundsjukan. Jämlikhet, men vart tog friheten vägen?
Samma avundsjuka som uppstår när allmännyttans bostäder säljs, och folk får en slant över.