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« skrivet: 24 juni 2008, 21:34:26 PM »
"A Father’s Rights" is hard hitting, factual, and potentially embarrassing to some in high places.
It is meant to expose the system that treats children differently across this country and the world:
 a system that needs to change.

We should all be looking at and working for one thing, getting equal rights for our children.
It should not matter if a child is born out of wedlock or if the parents are divorced.
It's not the child’s fault, and that child should have the same rights as a child from a happily married couple.
Stop the fighting over who gets custody and what he/she receives for the privilege of raising that child."

Klicka på bilden nedan, så kommer du direkt till
filmens trailer på William Fains webbsida:

”The Laws of the State Of Tennessee
that allowed this to happen to this Father have been changed.”

IF They Can, THEN We Must
IF Tennessee, THEN Sweden
IF There, THEN Everywhere

En verklighet som ingen får bortse från!
Domare, advokater, tjänstemän på olika myndigheter med socialförvaltningen i spetsen,
barnpsykologer bör inte missa denna fantastiska, nästan otroliga historian!
En film baserat på en sann historia - en sanning för alla!