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Well, I have read Siv's letter

and the thought occurs to me that it will very difficult for the Swedish state to prosecute if the information is published outside of the EU, and it
is a relatively trivial matter to set up multiple mirrors of a website to obviate the problem of internet service providers getting cold feet and
demanding removal of pages.

Bemötandet ifrån myndigheten / Re: To bhu73
« skrivet: 07 mars 2004, 22:09:50 PM »
Citat från: "(Mamma?)"
Please tell me how long time you had to fight before you won.
We have been fighting for soon 1 1/2 year and I am getting real tired of it...
Tell me what you did to win, I am losing my hope...


Never lose hope, if you have a partner, do not lose faith in each other.

Our case 'only' took 9 months but it was nine months of  hell. What did we do.

1) Engage your own pyschologist, beg, borrow, steal the money, whatever.

2) Make sure your lawyer knows you are going to fight every inch of the way.

3) Make sure your lawyer knows the law and that you do too. If your lawyer is lousy, get another.

4) Demand access to all social workers documentation, it is your right.

5) Go through it carefully, find the lies, the inconsistencies and  in writing document them and demand explanations for them

6) Formally, in writing, challenge every decision made by Soc.

7) Give them nothing to work with, (it may be too late for that I know)
We were lucky, we realised very quickly that they were our enemy.

8) Keep demanding access to your children, keep challenging the decisions
Soc make. Do not give up.

9) Tell your friends and family what is going on, you will be surprised at
the support you get. (and you will need it)

10) It may sound silly, but try and stay healthy, eat, exercise, sleep. You need your strength.

Bemötandet ifrån myndigheten / Hur kan detta vara möjligt!?
« skrivet: 19 februari 2004, 20:01:32 PM »
I can only suggest that you do not give up, my own experience is that yes, the social services can and do lie and there is not a great deal that you can do about it other than to fully, and  in writing, contradict any lies or assumptions , with factual rebuttals.

Make every possible effort to remain in touch  with your child and document that you have done so.

Take every opportunity to formally appeal every decision made by the social services and above all, do not give in.

Bemötandet ifrån myndigheten / re sociopathic socionoms
« skrivet: 19 februari 2004, 19:27:24 PM »
Well, as a mathematician I always like to throw a few numbers around.

Socionoms I have met :  8
Socionoms I would classify as sociopaths : 5

eek!  the figures don't look good.   Interestingly enough, two of the three who weren't clearly deranged managed to find reasons to drop out of
our case.

Tvångsomhändertagande och andra ingripanden / tips och förslag
« skrivet: 19 februari 2004, 19:16:09 PM »
1) Try and remain calm and polite!
2) Do not talk to the Social Services (soc) before you have seen a lawyer
3) Tape any conversation you have with soc
4) Any decision they make, get it in writing
5) Do not sign anything or agree to anything before you have seen a lawyer
6) Do not accept the social services word on anything
7)  Demand access to the files they have on you and keep demanding them, in writing!
8) Employ your own pyschologist to refute any false allegations from social services
9) Demand that your lawyer challenges every decision made by the social services
10) Never give up

I forgot to login.......but I guess there arent many english speakers here

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